Treatment with invisible orthodontic device in the center of Budapest

Nowadays, in relation to orthodontics, it is almost a basic requirement that appliances do not spoil the patient's appearance. Translucent or tooth-colored glued elements have already appeared in traditional orthodontics, which are significantly more discreet than the well-known metal appliances, but not invisible at all.

What makes braces invisible?

In our office, we use one of the most innovative solutions currently available on the market, the NuvolaTM invisible orthodontic system. During the NuvolaTM treatment, we move the teeth with water-clear, transparent splints. These rails are practically imperceptible on the teeth, as their material is thin, transparent and fits precisely on the teeth.

In what cases can you use Nuvola TM invisible braces?

Almost all classic orthodontic problems can be effectively treated with this invisible splint system. Of course, there may be cases that should be treated differently, but these are extremely rare.

Nuvola TM braces are suitable:

  • Crowded teeth
  • Slotted teeth
  • Forwarded leaning denture
  • Open bite
  • To treat teeth rotated around their axis, and the list is far from complete!

How is the life with Nuvola TM invisible braces?

The splints must be worn throughout the day for successful treatment, but must be removed for eating and brushing. Braces are comfortable to wear and you can get used to them in just a few hours. We always give you a series of splints, which must be worn in a specific order, changing to a new splint every 1-2 weeks on average.

  • The teeth should be cleaned in exactly the same way as if you did not have braces, no special tools are needed
  • Important social event, photo shoot, etc. the rails can be taken out for a short time, but it is necessary to make sure that these are exceptional occasions.
  • In our clinic we regularly check tooth movement, but it is necessary to come to an appointment much less often than in the case of traditional orthodontics.

What will happen if we want Nuvola TM invisible braces?

First of all, we will meet at a consultation time, where we will leave plenty of time for the conversation! You can share what you would like to change about your teeth, and we will advise you on the treatment and its implications and expected results. If you are satisfied with all of this, we will scan your teeth using a so-called intraoral scanner, and then send the resulting digital data to NuvolaTM's orthodontic center. After analyzing the data, we receive the treatment plan, which can be supplemented with a 3D tooth movement visual plan if required. If you accept the treatment plan, we will order the rails, which the NuvolaTM center will deliver to us after production, which we will hand over to you at your next appointment.

What Nuvola TM can do that other invisible braces can't?

Today, several dental technology companies make braces with a similar system, but they can usually be used for smaller, aesthetic treatments. Advantages of NuvolaTM technology:

  • A wide range of orthodontic problems can be treated with it
  • The rails are made of extremely durable, almost unbreakable material
  • Their material is 100% biocompatible and does not cause irritation
  • Our dentist can continuously monitor our treatment on an online digital interface, with the professional support of the NuvolaTM center